Fadenbrand – on the exhibition of works by PRINZGAU/podgorschek

Fadenbrand – on the exhibition of works
Genoveva Rückert & Martin Sturm

Fadenbrand 2004

PRINZGAU/podgorschek create their incisive and lighthearted works within the dialectic of use and rededication, functional and aesthetic value, specification and redefinition.

The artists like to keep their work suspended – free from any strict categorization according to artistic genre, they move smoothly between visual art, architecture, design and film. Everything they get their hands on can become a medium for their artistic intervention. With their rich inventiveness in coming up with new artistic strategies, their works might manifest any possible stage of the process – from the initial draft, through architectonic improvisations, to precisely executed objects. They delve deeply into social and political issues – whether traffic, the economy, or working conditions – treating these subjects on a symbolic level. Mischievously questioning our conventional patterns of perception, they offer irritating approaches and astonishing solutions, sometimes in the form of detailed sketches, sometimes as radical large-scale concepts.